Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Say it ain't so Al: a repost


Right-thinking black people everywhere are stunned by the recent betrayal of Al Sharpton and the NAACP in a situation that is just too outrageous to ignore.

This is a painful story to tell, but it’s important for the moral, law-abiding majority of black Americans to understand exactly why Al Sharpton and the NAACP must be immediately stopped.

On June 18, 2007, a black woman was gang raped by 10 youths and forced at gunpoint to have sex with her own 12 year old son in a housing complex called Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, Florida. The young men not only viciously punched, kicked and sliced this sister and her son with glass objects, but they also blinded her boy by pouring nail polish remover into his eyes.

The young men forced this sister and son to lay naked in a bathtub together, and attempted to set them on fire (they could not find matches). The youths boldly took cell phone pictures so that they could enjoy their violent, immoral and sadistic acts at a later time. The violence continued for more than three hours, and although this sister’s neighbors heard her screams, no one called the police or came to her aid.

This sister and her son had to walk a mile to the hospital, because the assailants stole her car, and threatened to kill her and her family if she told the authorities.

Only four of the young men have been apprehended, while the remaining six are on the loose, doing Lord knows what in our communities. There is no manhunt for the remaining suspects.

As devastating as this story is, what the NAACP and Al Sharpton have done about it will simply take your breath away:

Not only did the NAACP ignore hundreds of requests to assist this woman because it was 'outside the scope of their mission', but they joined forces with Al Sharpton, and sent their lawyers to speak out IN SUPPORT OF THE RAPISTS.

You heard me right.

Even though there is conclusive DNA evidence and signed confessions, the NAACP and Al Sharpton are saying that it is 'unfair' to not offer bail to these four alleged rapists. They even had a press release about it.


Al Sharpton and the NAACP are banking on the belief that you and I will be just like this black woman’s neighbors. Join me by saying NOT THIS TIME. We will not turn a deaf ear to when we hear calls for help from one of our sisters and brothers who are being victimized.

Stop the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network from committing this disgrace in our community. Just this once, let’s stand up and be counted by saying that we demand safe neighborhoods for our women and children.

Here is what you can do:

1. Spread the word. Forward this email if your conscience and concern have been raised. Send it to every concerned black citizen that you know.

2. Demand an explanation from your local NAACP chapter about this case. Cancel your membership to these organizations, and write a letter explaining that you will return when they prioritize the public safety needs of black women and children.

3. If you do not belong to these organizations, call and write them to tell them of your outrage and displeasure:

NAACP National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
Local: (410) 580-5777

National Action Network
Rev. Al Sharpton
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

4. If you know an African American reporter or a black radio talk show host, forward this story to them and ask them to follow up on it.

Each Friday at 9:00am, visit any of the websites below, which will give you an update on the status of this situation. DO NOT LET THIS GO. Let us start working for safer neighborhoods in black communities.

Read the history of the Dunbar Village problem here:


Monday, March 24, 2008

What looks like crazy...

On an ordinary day, I'd wake up. Eat good. Go to work. Come home. Talk to friends. Read a bit or maybe watch Law and Order (its ALWAYS on some channel or another). Go to bed. Well...Friday was no ordinary day.I woke up in Pittsburgh, PA :the city of firsts ( Instead of flying for five or six hours...I SAT in Pitts ALL-DAY-LONG before catching a ride on a flight back to ATL.
Now, upon arriving in the Pitts...I'd sadly discovered that I'd left my cell phone in ATL. WHAT! And being the technologically reliant citizen that I am...the only numbers I have memorized are my mama's and one of my homegurls. But I was at a loss. How to call with no cell? Are there still pay phones? Do people USE them? How much do they cost? Luckily, the ancient artifact that is the land line pay phone is still in existence. At this point, Crys goes ANALOGUE.
I buy a phone card from a machine. Its worth 20 minutes. The plan is to call my mom to get my sister's number so she can call my brother so HE can pick me up at the airport inn ATL. No luck. This phone card is useless. I get about 8 minutes of talk time out of it..and can never catch up with my moms. So...I make change of my LAST ten dollars. ANd start blowing up my homegurls phone. Once I'm down to the last two dollars, she answers. We make plans for HER to pick me up at the West End Marta so we can hang out...
Fast forward to NPeachtree Ave at 11pm. Welcome to the AC3 conference! We got in the door of the LOFT on a wing a prayer...pretending to be important "talent" involved in the conference. I'm thinking that this conference is for back-packers and beat boxers...I'm believing that the concert is gonna be some unsigned, underground group that gained their noteriety on MySpace. I've been known to be WRONG before and Friday night's concert was no exception.
I'll be damned if I didn't find myself sitting in the second row of a concert for THE JUICE CREW!!! WHAT THE F*cK!!??
For free....I saw Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, Marly Marl, MC Shan and Bone Crusher (a sad disappointment)! And I stood nnext to Posdnuos...laughing with him cause no one around him was trippin' on the fact that he was standing in the pit in the front of the house as opposed to kicking it back stage with the rest of the "celebrities". Anyone who knows me knows I have a mild ...mmm...obsession (such a strong word) with Posdnuos since I met him in teh Detroit Airport a while ago, so it was cool to talk to him again....not that he remembered me:-)

Hey...I KNOW you can't see his whole face...that's mostly because the way this blog is formatted won't show the entire pic...but you see that right KNOW who it is...right?
Anywhoo....I ended up staying out until 5:30am. KNOWING I had to fly out the next day at 10am. But oh well...sometimes what looks like crazy...ISN'T just an ordinary day...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Swagger to the Max!

Peace folks,

I know its been a minute. The glamorous life of a flight attendant just doesn't stop. I've been "Home" in Detroit for about five days of the last thirty. Mostly cause I'm doin' the whole commuting thing...catching flights to ATL just to work.

Any who...
This weekend I had the pleasure of escorting one Mr. Nicholas Speed to PHX for the Money Management Group's Producer's conference. After working on a plane for four days...I caught a flight to Detroit from ATL, and then met Speed at the airport to fly him to PHX. Ridiculous I know, but the "buddy passes" at my airline suck. ANd in order for friends to fly, I've gotta go to. So I spent the majority of my weekend on a plane....

Luckily, our hometown Super Producer is a great travel companion. We ONLY made our flight out cause it was delayed ten minutes and some poor folks couldn't run fast enough from the C concourse to the end of the A concourse....We got on the flight just minutes before they closed the boarding door. BUT WE MADE IT! YEA!

We get settled, take off, and prompty start sippin' on relax (wink, wink). Fortunately for us, the lead flight attendant saw me get on and offered us free wine for the rest of the flight. NEedless to say three quarters of the way to PHX, we're both giggly and talking pretty candidly about life, goals and aspirations.

Nick Speed subscribes to a philosophy that I seemed to have lost somewhere between the security line , the plane and the layover. He calls it "Swagger to the Max" (keep ya ears open for the single from Dannny Brown). Basically, it just means, if you ACT like you are the SHYT you WILL BE the shyt. If you BELIEVE you are the BEST, you WILL BE! I know...I know..."THE SECRET" has been out since Oprah blasted it a couple years ago...But Nick skipped the meta physical mumbo jumbo,and spiritual enlightenment to get to the heart of the issue. In terms that little hood boys and girls can relate to.
Question becomes...what do you(I) want to be the best at?

At twenty eight years old, you'd think I'd know by now. I didn't think that I'd still be soul searching this late in the game. I know what I want to HAVE. I just don't know what I want to do...and the longer I dally, the more I see OTHER folks out here DOIN" IT! I'm not a hater....more power to them. I'm just trying to figure out what GD has put ME here to do.

Nick here's music in head ALL THE TIME. He's constantly making music even when he's not in front of an MPC.

My home gurl BOOG BROWN is always in the studio.....perfecting her craft.

B. Houston is steadily on her acting grind. AUdition to Audition. Photo shoot to photo shoot....I KNOW its just a matter of time.

Asia is always on the NEXT project...the NEXT art show...the NEXT camera shot.

ANd I...I'm always working. Always on my way to the next flight. Sitting in the next airport or next hotel. I KNOW I'm better than this.

Aye...this wasn't supposed to be such a self-centered blog. It was SUPPOSED to be about all the wonderful things I learned in PHX. How divine the situation was getting Nick to the conference.....AH well....
Guess I had to start somewhere.