Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episode 1:" Me too" Syndrome

I've had some time off work. Ideally, I would have liked to meditate, drink hearbal teas, burn candles, and read. But of course, that would have been too much like right. So what did I do? I sat around, channel surfed, read, smoked menthols, popped vicodin *more on that later*, played spider solitaire , and SURFED THE NET.

During my travels on the world wide web, I discovered a plethora of ordinary individuals-regular Joe Scmoes and Jane Does, with web sites and blogs dedicated to everything from the Great Election of 2008 to their personal souveniour spoon collections. I found some great stuff.

For example, Terry Howcott has an awesome website full of useful links, thought provoking articles and insightful blogs (PLUG:Visit!). After reading and surfing I decided that I TOO could put together a site. ME TOO!"

Hang on folks. Cause I am Dada Chiku (Sister Chatterer), and now I'm equipped with yet another venue to share!


Miss Jackie said...

Yay, how exciting. I shall return.

Love ya sis,

Miss Jackie

Glennisha Morgan said...

Blogs are so what's up. I have a few that I return to almost every day. I'll be returning back to this one too!

BiochemicalSlang said...

in my opinion they are really only two types of people....crazy and insane...and in your admission that you are crazy....i'd pretty much rule out the possibility of being relax..personally i hate ATL cuz it's sooo many people from the D, so i can't help you with that....

b4 my short term succumbs to think it's any coincidence that love is a 4 letter word ?? (in english, of course)