Friday, April 4, 2008

NPM challenge poem #4: Good sleep honey loves me
'cause he
left me at his house for hours all alone
knowing I wouldn't check the caller id on his phone
or go through his mail
or check his drawers and closets for skeletons honey must loooove me!

Cause despite the urge
all I did was clean his kitchen so it'd be fresh and clean
I wrapped myself in his shirt,
and slipped between his sheets
and went
with his scent in my nostrils
and the taste of his skin on my tongue
and his bedroom voice in my ear's memory

With the essence of his lovin' all around me
I slept soundly for the first time in weeks


Glennisha Morgan said...

This is dope!

TheArtist said...

Im starting to understand the feeling....

Anonymous said...

Very real. This is one of those poems where you wish that everyone would see life like this and take a moment to realize what makes up human.

Thanks for writing it.



this is beautiful